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New Avalanche Certification and Training Program Offered for Pro’s

NEW AVALANCHE CERTIFICATION AND TRAINING PROGRAM FOR PROFFESSIONAL SKI/SNOWBOARD GUIDES AND PATROLLERS FROM SILVERTON MOUNTAIN GUIDES Silverton, Colo., Feb 19, 2015 — Building upon the highly successful Practical Protocols for Snow Professionals/Steep Life Workshop that was provided by Silverton Mountain Guides in January 2015, Silverton Mountain Guides is introducing a new level of avalanche certification […]

Practical Protocols For Snow Professionals/ Steep Life Workshop

NEW STEEP TERRAIN PROTOCOL TRAINING FOR SKI/SNOWBOARD GUIDES AND PATROLLERS JANUARY 24-26, 2015 AT SILVERTON MOUNTAIN Practical Protocols For Snow Professionals/ Steep Life Workshop: New Steep Terrain Protocol Training for Ski/Snowboard Guides and Patrollers. Silverton, Colo., July 22, 2014 — After the recent string of ski patroller and ski guide accidents, snow professionals are re-evaluating […]

$299 Season Passes SOLD OUT

The $299 Season Pass for the 2014-15 season is sold out. The combo and kids passes are still available at here . Want to make sure you don’t miss out next year? Make sure to become of fan on facebook, twitter or email us you address and we will make sure to notify you next […]