Pre & Post Apres

Silverton has everything from bomber breakfast burritos in the morning to artisan pizzas when you get back from a long day on the hill. Cap off your best day ever with a locally brewed craft beer and a fatty meal. Don’t forget to drink lots of water to make it back to the ski area the next day!


Coffee Bear Silverton is the happiest coffee shop in the world. We have been up and running since November 2016. Yes, we stay open year round. Yes, we serve food. Yes, we have way too much fun. We proudly serve Kaladi Roasters coffee in all forms. Drip? Yup. Espresso? You bet. Mochas? All day!


A local favorite, known for their imaginative brews such as the “Ladies Night Grapefruit Double IPA.” A beer that everyone craves after a long day on the slopes. Once you have your beer you can dig into their menu of artisan style pizza, salads and wraps. And don’t forget about their delicious cinnamon mountain dots!


Offering a simple, elegant menu, creative cocktails, and personalized service, the Lacey Rose Saloon is located in the heart of Silverton in the Grand Imperial Hotel. With a history steeped in outlaws, whiskey, and unfettered volition, the Lacey Rose Saloon is the perfect place to celebrate hard-won turns on bucket-list days while unwinding with a ache-soothing craft cocktail and filling up on a delicious entrée while taking in the history and atmosphere of this 140-year-old saloon.


A hidden treasure with good homestyle food!


This Cornish Tavern operates on Notorious Blair Street and is known for their traditionally prepared pastys. If you’re looking for a nice dinner out with seasonal food and unique cuisine look no further.