This is Silverton Mountain

One chairlift is all you need to access a high alpine environment surrounded by 1,819 acres of amazing descents in every direction. There are loads of bowls, chutes, cliffs and wonderful natural terrain features to be discovered everywhere you look. Silverton Mountain is the highest and steepest ski area in North America with a peak elevation of 13,487’ and with no easy way down. Besides avalanche mitigation work, the mountain is left in its natural state with no cut runs. Our base lies at 10,400’ with a single lift dropping you off at 12,300’. The chairlift unloads at the top of a beautiful cirque which provides easy hiking along a ridge to access terrain that can total 3,000’ vertical drop in a single run.

“Silverton is a soulful touch of what the culture of skiing is truly about. Leaving behind the glitz and stepping into nature with a group of friends to overcome obstacles in a healthy environment. The beauty is in the simplicity of Silverton Mountain. It is a hut trip with a chairlift.”