Silverton Mountain

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Full payment is required at the time you make the reservation. If you cancel your reservation more than 30 days in advance of the date of the reservation, you will receive a refund of 40% of the amount you paid. Cancellations made less than 30 days in advance of the date of the reservation will not receive any refund. Therefore, please be sure about the dates and amount of people you are booking for. If you are not sure, do not call to make a reservation until you have confirmed dates and people. You cannot change dates once you make a reservation without losing your deposit or full payment. Unfortunately we cannot give refunds, rainchecks or cancellations if one of the mountain passes is fully closed (rarely happens). As long as one route in is open to Silverton during your ski day, you must ski on your reserved day. Best to arrive the night before to be safe. Temporary spot closures are common and don’t qualify as a pass closure, so be sure to check with CDOT for the details before traveling.

Heli cancellation policy

Heli Credits and Refunds

If we need to cancel a portion of your heli day once underway you will be credited for the amount of runs you did not obtain. For example, if you only skied 4 out of 6 heli runs, you would have a 2 run credit on file for a future day to be used during the current operating season, or the following- subject to price increase. *If your party is moving at a slower than normal pace and gets a reduced amount of runs due to pace, this policy will not apply. You are responsible for checking in at the end of your day with the mountain staff  to be issued the credit. They will not be issued retroactively.

No Heli Refunds Unless We Do Not Fly

If you get hurt, sick or choose to not partake in your heli day for any reason you will not receive a refund or credit. If you require a special heli flight for a medical evacuation or for any other reason you will be charged an extra fee to cover the additional flight costs.

Weather Policy

You need to be at the base area at your specified start time. Arriving late can mean you will miss a lap and potentially the whole day.  If there is a weather delay, we need you to stay available at the ski area until 12 PM or until the heli is canceled, whichever happens first, on your scheduled heli day standing by. If we cannot provide you with any heli runs on your booked heli day because we cancel due to wind, non-flyable weather, or for any reason for which we decide to cancel, you will be offered a refund for the heli portion of your reservation. This is the only instance in which you will receive a refund.

Chairlift Accessed Backup Skiing

Silverton has chairlift accessed skiing available (on a day the lift is open to the public). If you elect to ski off of the chairlift because the heli is on hold, each lap off the chair will deduct from the number of laps you get in the heli. You will have the option to wait at the base area (not ski) until 12pm or until the heli is canceled, which ever happens first, for a refund on the day. If, once the heli is canceled, you decide to continue to ski, you will be charged the daily guided ski price for your lift served ski day.

Discounted/ Promotional/ Free Heli

If you are booking a package where you are getting discounted or free heli skiing and we are unable to provide the heli portion due to wind, non-flyable weather, or for any reason for which we decide to cancel.  No guarantee exists for rebooking or redeeming the missed helicopter experience, and it holds no cash value.

Sell or Transfer of Ticket

If you are no longer able to make it for your reserved day, you have the option to sell or transfer your ticket. Simply access your confirmation email, click manage reservation, and change the name of the ticketed skier. From the confirmation email you can forward waivers to the new attendee. This applies to products including lift tickets, heli runs, and rental equipment. This does NOT apply to season passes or pass products or tickets associated with partner mountains or other products labeled as ‘non-transferrable’.