Venture Snowboard

Venture Snowboard Rental
Handmade right here in Silverton. Tell the crew in the demo bus what you are looking for and they will take care of you. Available models include:

  • Bomber – Silverton Mountain’s custom made snowboard. Everything you need to handle anything you could run into in the San Juans, CO to the Chugach Mountains, Alaska.
  • Storm One – Directional powder slayer. Rockered tip and tail, zero camber under foot. The go-to board for the Brills….the husband and wife team who started Silverton Mountain from scratch.
  • Euphoria – Made for the deepest of days. The Euphoria is reverse side cut just like a surfboard. When all other boards fail in deep powder, the euphoria carves and floats no other.
  • Odin Pro – Rider Johan Olafson added special input into this big mountain board that is made for big turns in big terrain. Get ready to ride like a pro.
  • Zelix – A twin tip with a bit of setback on the stance for tip flotation. A favorite of the snowboarding Silverton Mountain guides.

Silverton Mountain does not provide rental snowboard bindings. Please bring your own bindings.

We only rent equipment to guests with a valid lift ticket, we do not rent gear to be used in the backcountry by other operations.