Make a 6 Run Heli Day Reservation

Silverton Mountain Heli
Welcome to Silverton Mountain reservations. Please read the information below carefully as it contains important information about the reservation process.

The 6 run heli day includes six heli runs in terrain that is exclusive for heli skiers/boarders.

You can still reserve 6 Run Heli, even on days we are sold out of Guided Tickets.  We offer 6 Run Heli option on days we are sold out as a courtesy to guests who want to ski on sold out dates.

To book multiple dates, click the “Book Now” button at the bottom of this page, select your first date, click add to cart. Then, click continue shopping and select the next date you’d like to book. Repeat often, then select “check out.”

Online booking is not available within 16 hours of ski date. To book a reservation within 16 hours of your ski date, please call 970-387-5706.

To be placed on a waiting list for a sold out date, call 970-387-5706. There is a non-refundable $25 fee for wait list reservations.

Note: If you are over 235 lbs. body weight, you could be bumped or charged an extra fee on site due to heli weight restrictions.

*Minimum bookings are required we must have at least 8 Single Drops or 4 Six-Drop reservations to fly on any given day. A $1 Road Tax surcharge,  $12 Avalanche Control surcharge, and a $12 Fuel and Inflation charge will be added to all ticket prices.

Please read our cancellation policy before making a reservation and refer to our FAQs for additional information.