Silverton is a soulful touch of what the culture of skiing is truly about. Leaving behind the glitz and stepping into nature with a group of friends to overcome obstacles in a healthy environment. The beauty is in the simplicity of Silverton Mountain. It is a hut trip with a chairlift.

— Chris Anthony, Professional Skier / Warren Miller Film Star

Silverton Mountain is pretty close to the most pure skiing experience one can find today – an epic mountain, bountiful snowfall (the deep and light Colorado kind!), and none of the distractions of other ski areas (crowds!). Silverton is like heli-skiing with a chairlift!

— Chris Davenport, Professional Skier/ Film Star/ Red Bull athlete

Silverton Mountain is pretty epic.

— Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Professional Skier/ Film Star

Silverton Mountain is definitely the place to be

— Gretchen Bleiler, Professional Snowboarder/ Film Star/ Olympic Silver Medalist

Wendy Fisher, Professional Skier

I think I am a regular here; I love Silverton.

— Wendy Fisher, Professional Skier/ Film Star

The best way to get ready for the X Games is a couple Heli laps with the boys at Silverton Mountain.

— Ben Ferguson, Professional Snowboarder & Red Bull Double Pipe Winner

Thanks again guys for an awesome experience backcountry skiing on your righteous mountain. Your staff and guides, made our day one of the most memorable days in years. We enjoyed every minute of the extreme skiing experience. We felt very safe throughout the entire day.

— David Hutson, Property Manager, Telluride, Colorado

My day on the mountain was probably the best ski day I’ve ever had. How can I ever consider going back to one of those strip mine resorts again?

— Dave Cox, magazine art director, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Needless to say, time is irrelevant in Silverton. The entire week was a blur of giddy pow turns and big lines. Losing track of what day it is is standard. Life is simplified to early mornings, breakfast burritos, freshies, great people, cold beer, pizza, and sleep. As they say on the back of shampoo bottles, “Repeat if necessary.”

— Kalen Thorien, Professional Skier and Writer (her trip report here)

You guys are the greatest ever. Words cannot describe the standard being set by Silverton. Ineffable.

— Michael Israelson, Dentist, Louisville, Colorado

This was a different experience, one that few skiers ever get the chance to enjoy.

— Paul Kirkland, Pilot, Salt Lake City, Utah

Silverton Mountain is truly a gift to your community and to everyone who is fortunate enough to experience it.

— Mike Harmon, Hedge Fund Consultant, Greenwich, Connecticut

If you’re taking the family and are looking forward to après ski, shopping and crowds – go somewhere else. When you are ready ski – I mean really ski – grab an avalanche beacon and a shovel and head to Silverton. We’re booking the trip for the next 20 years…in advance!

— Randy Reiff, Bear Stearns & Co, NY, NY

I was impressed at how your staff manages the placement of groups so that no one feels crowded by other people, maintaining the backcountry feel. The emphasis on getting fresh tracks for everyone on every lap was great. I liked the way the guides communicated to relay where fresh snow could still be found. Your operation is running like a well-oiled machine. It all added up to great day at Silverton Mountain.

— Ben Pritchett, Crested Butte Mountain Guides, Crested Butte Colorado

Silverton Mountain is a fantastic mix of the modern steep and deep free-riding experience and a simple throwback to the days of skiing lore when ski areas were the sole domain of passionate snow-sliders. Silverton offers a unique guided backcountry skiing experience similar to cat-skiing at the cost and safety levels of lift-accessed skiing. Silverton defines the pure essence of snow-sliding: great terrain, great conditions, wonderful people!

— Ben Gibson, Canaccord Capital Corporation, Montreal, Canada.