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Silverton Mountain is now a BCA Float System Refill Center

Great news! You can now demo a Backcountry Access Float Pack at Silverton Mountain. You can also refill your personal BCA Float Cylinder as well, as Silverton Mountain is a certified BCA Float System Refill Center if you are skiing at the mountain.


Backcountry Access has been a long time partner of Silverton Mountain, and the team in Silverton is excited to provide guests and guides the option to demo the best airbag system on the market. Renting a BCA Float Pack at Silverton Mountain is a great way to “try before you buy,” especially for backcountry veterans hesitant to pull the trigger on an airbag pack.

If you already have a BCA Float System, you can now refill your personal canister at the tent at the base of the lift during our normal hours of operation. This is a convenient option for you to fill up after arriving at the Durango or Montrose Airports.

The cost of renting a BCA Float Pack System is $45 per day.

The cost of refilling your canister, as well as the price of deploying the airbag in one of our demo packs in a non-emergency situation, is $40.

BCA Float packs and other airbag systems are not required to ski or ride at Silverton Mountain, but are recommended.

You can reserve your BCA Float Airbag Pack here, or rent it with a BCA Beacon, K2 Shovel, and K2 Probe for a discount when you rent all four together. You can also call our office at 970-387-5706 or inquire in the tent to reserve your BCA Float Pack for your day at Silverton Mountain.

Like all of our rental options, you must have a valid Silverton Mountain Lift Ticket to rent BCA Float Packs from our demo center.

Please call 970-387-5706 for more information.