Aspen Heli Skiing

Aspen Heli Skiing is the best and only heli skiing and heli snowboarding company in Aspen, Colorado.  Aspen Heli Skiing excels at offering the premier private heli ski charter experience on 26,000 acres of the finest terrain.  Aspen Heli Skiing is affiliated with Silverton Mountain bringing decades of heli ski experience to Aspen with our new Aspen, Colorado operations team.

Aspen Heli Skiing exclusively provides private heli skiing adventures using a dedicated helicopter to privately service a maximum of four skiers per day from Aspen (additional skiers/boarders accommodated by request).  Aspen private heli experiences include picking up the guests via helicopter in Aspen and providing complimentary transport to our  incredible and diverse ski zone.  Once the heli arrives from Aspen at the Silverton base facility the guests will be greeted by their highly experienced guide, be given a safety briefing, put their boots on and head into the field for a fantastic ski day.

Pricing for each group of four private guests is $17,990 and includes a full day of premium private charter heli skiing (additional price points available by driving to the ski zone).  From the Aspen airport where we meet our guests, up to four guests conveniently fly directly to our exclusive and newly expanded heli ski zone in the San Juan range, all the while experiencing the most spectacular views over nine different wilderness areas during the 45 minute flight to the beautiful San Juan Mountains.  The San Juan Mountains typically receive the most snow in Colorado and due to the high altitude the powder stays fresh for weeks on end.  The experience is like no other and similar to what one would find in the Canadian Rockies, but without the travel hassles.

The enhanced Private Aspen Heli experience allows guests to explore our vast and expanded 26,000-acre permit area which features terrain for all abilities. If a non-skiing client would like to accompany their companions on a ride-along to enjoy the experience of flying in the heli, the spectacular scenery, and witness their friends riding fresh lines they can also do so. For groups that would prefer more than 4 guests, we can substitute a larger helicopter that carries 8 guests and one guide (or 7 guests and 2 guides). Rates to substitute a larger helicopter incur an additional $9,990 fee.

Guests can choose the time they depart Aspen in the morning but it’s usually recommended departing Aspen by 9:00 am for a full day of heli skiing or heli snowboarding. Aspen Heli Ski Season runs 7 days a week November 22 through mid March.  For more info call 970.799.6251 or email