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Alaska's Ultimate Ski Trip is Right Here


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Ultimate Heli Trip 2010: RV’s and Astars
Take the guesswork out of deciding who to ski with in Alaska and come heli ski with Silverton Mountain Guides in Alaska’s Northern Chugach Mountains on an amazing adventure. This is a unique trip that will be based in RV’s from Anchorage and able to move from zone to zone finding the best snow and greatest opportunities for dodging the weather. This 5 Night/ 5 Ski Day Package is only $5,890 (special early booking price) making it the best value in Alaska heli skiing. Each group gets the following for the base price.
1. Five days of heliskiing/boarding with 5 hours base heli time* (per group of 4). The plan is to ski as much as possible each day. $850 per person for each additional flight hour.
2. No more than three groups using the helicopter (and usually only two groups).
3. RV rental included. The clients that sign up together will share an RV (2-4 friends per RV). Price based on multiple occupancy.
4. Groceries are included and will be communal style grilling each day.

•Helicopter time is measured in Hobbs hours (actual time on throttle or in flight). 1 hour of Hobbs can provide for a substantial amount of actual skiing as it only takes a few minutes of flight time to get from the bottom of a run up to a peak etc.
Once in Anchorage, skiers will meet at the RV rental location at 4pm the night before the first ski day. Once loaded into RV’s we will caravan to the chosen zone for the following day of skiing. Each day the helicopter will fly this select handpicked group of skiers/boarders from the RV’s into the mountains for this unique heli ski experience. At the end of the 5 day trip the skiers/boarders will return to Anchorage at approximately 6pm on the final day of skiing.

This private style ski trip will limit the amount of participants to 2 or 3 groups of skiers/boarders on each trip providing for a boutique heli experience. There are opportunities for clients to come as their own groups of 3 or 4 depending on which week they come (option for 3 or 4 clients per group determined based on availability and Silverton Mountain Guides discretion at start of trip). It is preferred for each group of 3 or 4 clients to come as a unit so we don’t have to formulate groups and everyone is familiar and happy with their ski partners (semi private). However if we know the clients we will consider forming a group from singles or doubles (we already have a list of singles going).

The Northern Chugach Mountains have amazing ski terrain and better weather than Alaska’s coast (where most heli skiing occurs in Alaska). Mid April through early May has better weather than many other times of year in Alaska and some of the best skiing. The Northern Chugach Mountains can get great snow and the weather is more reliable than near Valdez, Cordova, Haines or Girdwood providing better odds for more skiing and less time dealing with the inclement weather that Alaska is famous for. Because the Northern Chugach are at a higher altitude they can have cooler temperatures and better snow quality later in the season.

The reason to choose this trip is weather and flexibility. All of Alaska is filled with great terrain, but anyone who has skied Alaska knows that the abundance of snow means many no fly days at the coastal heli operations. The Northern Chugach Mountains are located further from the ocean and provide stellar terrain combined with clearing trends and sunshine due to their geographic location. However if the weather is best at the coast, we can move the RV’s at any time. We are registered and able to ski Alaska State land near Cordova, Valdez, Girdwood and Palmer (also the Talkeetnas and Tordrillos). This amounts to millions of acres of ski terrain. The furthest we would drive would be Valdez at around 5 hours away. The closest zone is located about 1.5 hours away near the Matanuska Glacier Valley.

This epic trip is being offered for a limited time at $5,890. If you book early you will save thousands.

The plan is to ski as much as possible, so clients should have an extra cash reserve beyond the $5,890 ready. Price subject to change at any time until booked.

A link to video from client on trip last year
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Link to website

AK1: April 13-18 (SOLD OUT)

AK2 April 19-24 (1 space Available)

Ak3 April 25-30 (Possibly a few spaces left)

**Ak4 April 30- May 4 (Still Open)

**Will open for booking after all other trips are sold out.