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New Unguided Upgrades for 09/10


With the addition of some larger shuttle buses the unguided skiing just got a bit better. A 50 seat bus has been added alongside a 45 passenger rig. Seats, yes seats for your riding enjoyment. Dramatically increased shuttle capacity should eliminate the occasional unguided skiing shuttle backlog. The brown ups van will still be around for those who prefer the tramcar feel.

The 09/10 unguided season is also 1 day longer than 08/09 even though the season starts one week later this year. A few extra days have been added in Dec and April and even a Monday was added this year Dec 28th. If we have a strong turnout for 09/10 unguided from the start we plan to try and open areas like the Wetspot and Billboard in unguided early season. This will only be possible if (a) the weather cooperates; (b) avalanche hazards cooperate; and © we get a very strong turn out the first two weekends of Dec as it takes a massive effort to get these HUGE areas opened and signed, but with the helicopter it might be possible for the first time.

Our goal is to be open for more days of unguided skiing and we would love to be open Thurs-Sun (or more)for every weekend in the unguided season. Right now there are too many days with less than 30 people skiing to make that a reality however. We appreciate everyone who shows up on the big dumps, but many days there are more staff than skiers on the mountain with fantastic skiing to be had. It’s the old chicken and egg scenario. Now with the upgraded shuttle and big push to add additional unguided terrain again this year, it will take a reciprocal response and solid showing of unguided skiers to keep these expensive upgrades in place. Our season follows the demand of our guests and it would be fantastic to be able to double the amount of unguided ski days.