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Overnight Heli Trips


New heli touring trips for 2013-14 include a heli drop with a guide within the permit boundary, followed by a full day of human powered skiing or snowboarding in remote high alpine areas. A North Face Dome tent awaits overnight guests in the field and the camp is pre-supplied with cooking equipment. Sleeping bags, food and beverages are brought by guests and carried with them in the heli to the zone, so you will need to pack light. You can get dropped on a peak with all of your gear, or get dropped with your gear directly at the camp.

After another full day of skiing the next day, an additional heli drop places guests on a peak from which they can ski or snowboard down to the base with all their gear. The drops are allowed in the permit area and only with a guide.

A minimum of 4 skiers is required for the trips, with maximum weights of around 880 total pounds of skiers including their gear. The price is $429 per person per day and the trips can be as short as two days or as long as you wish. If poor weather is encountered on the return leg and the group cannot be picked up by the heli the group will tour out using human power (downhill), pricing remains the same regardless of weather conditions.